There is a multitude of information on “how to go green,” “how to live more sustainably,” and “how to eat more organically.”

I’ve found that many people are VERY into the idea of going green, but they quickly become intimidated because there’s SO MUCH info out there. It can be hard to know where to start.

That’s where I come in!

I’ve been living the green lifestyle with my wife and two kids … doing the research … blogging about it … and compiling what I believe to be the key STEPS to start.

Small steps lead to big ones.  There’s no pressure to be 100% green tomorrow! This is a process … and just STARTING is a great beginning!

We’ll focus on YOUR LIFE and YOUR HOME, and construct a personal “Green Plan,” specifically tailored for you.

Sustainable Thinking – It’s FREE

Tweaking your thinking and changing habits for the better will make you FEEL BETTER and, in the long run, SAVE MONEY! This is the first step to TAKING CONTROL!

For me it’s been very therapeutic. I feel better since going green!

I can’t change the world (too much pressure!), but I can change MY WORLD … and that’s GREAT!! You’re on your way to making a difference! Congratulations!

The Green Dad Program

This is where I come to your home, explain more about who I am and what I do, and the benefits TO YOU of a greener and more sustainable lifestyle. We’ll talk about your life, how you live and eat, how you work, what the family likes to do, from which I’ll make a PERSONAL GREEN PLAN for you…

Everybody’s unique, people live differently, and some things might be more important to you than to others. We’ll talk about a plan that makes sense for YOU and how you live.

Personal Green Dad Plan – $299

This is the FULL walk through of your home, making notes on EVERYTHING, from the small stuff like light bulbs, to the bigger stuff like the food you eat and the cleaning products you use.

I’ll provide complete guidelines for projects you’ve been wanting to undertake such as composting, recycling, your lawn and fertilization, how you live, work, and play.

All these areas — and more — receive a complete “greening up.” You’ll receive your very own PERSONAL plan, specific to your HOME and YOUR LIFE.

Soon after, we’ll sit down again and DISSECT my recommendations … I don’t just mail you a list and say “Good luck!” We’ll talk about the report … we’ll prioritize … and together we’ll make a strategy for you to begin the Sustainable Process … because small steps lead to bigger ones!

Would you like to schedule a Home Consultation?

Call me for more details 617-359-7569

Fine Print:

  • Larger homes may be assessed a small surcharge based on their size.
  • Non-Massachusetts residents will be charged for any travel expenses incurred.