Money and Fame do NOT equal Happiness

12 Aug
If I had a free and clear pic of Robin Williams I'd use it here. I don't.

If I had a free and clear pic of Robin Williams I’d use it here. I don’t.


I won’t bore you with my memories of ‘Mork From Ork’ guest starring on ‘Happy Days’ when I was a kid, or my appreciation of Robin Williams as an actor/comedian.  I don’t think anyone anywhere would comment ‘that guy sucked!’ when it came to his craft.

My point will be simple: Together Money and Fame do NOT = happiness. Apart, neither money nor fame = happiness. Easy math.

Part of living a ‘greener’ life, a more sustainable life, is living a simpler life.  In 2014 the average American would consider themselves ‘busy’, usually too busy to slow down and enjoy the simple things.  A quiet moment.  A conversation with a neighbor.  A board game with the kids.  Turning the mobile device OFF for a few hours.  Disconnecting.

We are told, especially the men, we need to work more, work harder, make more money, and provide more STUFF for the family.  Big house.  Big car.  Big truck.  Boat.  ATV.  Jet-ski. Snowmobile.  Tickets to the game.  And on and on.

All these things mean nothing.  I bet Robin Williams had, or has had, most of the above things. We often can’t believe a ‘successful person’ could take their own life.  But we miss the point.  We assume that money + fame = success.

You define your success.  That’s it.  Not your neighbor.  Not your friends.  Not some random person who might drive by your house and think nice lawn.

I’ve read some of the comments already, ‘dude, if I had his millions I wouldn’t be killing myself!’.  Yes, right, of course. WRONG.  The two have zippy zap to do with each other.

Material things do not take the place of inner-peace, self respect, pride, dignity, self confidence, and general happiness.  If you have a spiritual center, if you are a soul at peace, then sure, some material things can be fun, a reward even for hard work.  But in the end, a depressed person would trade, I’m guessing, their STUFF for your peace.  All of it.

Stress.  Pressure.  Anxiety.  Worry.  We all have it to a certain degree.  Much of it we bring on ourselves.  We buy into societal demands, much of it brought on by television marketing.  If you watch the commercials carefully, they are driving us to a certain level of spending, which in turn drives us to another level of work, another level of pressure.

Then, people have these things that are supposed to make them happy, yet still aren’t happy, then hit the now what am I supposed to do wall.

Happiness isn’t easy for everyone.  I think the task is finding what makes you happy, and going there.  Problem is, breaking away from mass conventional thought to find that place.  Maybe it is an SUV and golf.  But maybe it isn’t.  It’s OK to say I don’t care about clothes, cars, boats, and fancy stuff. It’s OK.

It’s OK to be different.  Mass media in all forms is driving us to be the same, to have the same wants and needs.  To be the same drones happy to buy stuff from the mega-mart.  It doesn’t work that way.  There’s another good reason to turn off the TV.  It’s OK to want simpler things.

It’s hard, I know it, to blaze your own path and not worry about the Joneses.  We’ve been conditioned to want.  But in the end, happiness is much simpler.  It may be more attainable than we may realize.  It’s in the small things.  A good meal. Health.  Music.  Companionship.  Love.

RIP to all the souls who couldn’t attain peace, celebrity or otherwise.

Let’s slow things down, figure out what makes us happy, and go get it.

Nanu Nanu.






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