Let’s Talk About Food Bay-Bee

16 Oct
Get out there and talk about food! Local farmers love to chat about their crops.

Get out there and talk about food! Local farmers love to chat about their crops.


Remember that Salt n Pepa song “Let’s Talk About Food bay-bee, let’s talk about you n me, let’s talk about all the good things and the bad things that may be”.  Wait, maybe I’m confusing that with something else?

The point of the song was to start a dialogue about sex, because no matter what your point of view of it, it’s gonna happen, so we should understand the realities it creates.

Same goes for food!

Today is World Food Day, a great day to engage in conversation about FOOD!  You’re going to make at least 3 food choices a day, and if you multiply that out through your lifetime, you’ll be making a food choice more than 80,000 times!  Might as well know what you’re eating.

The Green Dad had a ‘Sustainable Film Screening’ just last night, to do exactly that, watch a film, and then discuss food.  The crowd was engaged, bright, and surprise, mostly women!  While the film, Fed Up, was great, intense and sometimes infuriating, the conversation that followed was smart, hopeful, and enlightening.  It was great to sit back and just listen to people talk about FOOD (bay-bee!).

Food is a very personal thing.  Most of us are raised to eat a certain way, and questioning that way can be tantamount to questioning your family values. What did you say about my mums cooking? So you have to go slow, and not JUDGE people along the way.  Start with a chat.

World Food Day 2014 puts over 500 Million Family Farmers in the spotlight, acknowledging their place in a food system that’s unfortunately overrun by big agriculture and big politics.

According to the U.N. “the greatest challenges for family farmers today include the cost of land, labor costs, government regulations and policies, climate change and the inherent risk of farming, as well as the disproportionate amount of work required given the financial returns.”

Sounds like nothing some dialogue can’t help overcome.

Talk about food today, with someone, with anyone.  It can be as easy as asking someone if they grow their own garden, if they’ve ever been to a farmer’s market, or if they know what a GMO is?  Or stop by your local farm stand and ask how their season was.  Talking with a local food grower, and getting to know them, can be an amazing resource for you and your family.

See where the conversation takes you.  For many of us, this conversation has changed our lives.

Is that Salt n Pepa song stuck in your head?  Me too.


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