Less Fantasy, More Reality

29 Jul
Winning the Super Bowl is fun! Winning in life is better!

Winning the Super Bowl is fun! Winning in life is better!


I just did something unthinkable.  Shocking to the core!

I ate at McDonalds?  No, not THAT unthinkable.  Bought stock in Monsanto?  Not quite that shocking.

I quit my Fantasy Football league.

Oh. My. GAWD!!!

Funny how these little things, these little habits, start to shape us, frame us, start to make us who we are.  Seems like everyone is rushing every week to the mighty weekend, the mighty escape, the entertainment, the boat, the ATV, the golf, the sports, the shows, the blah blah blah… something not terribly important in the big scheme of things, but something nonetheless that makes us go.

Not that Fantasy Sports defined me, but there are (were) a group of friends I’d talk too a bit more during the Fall because of football and fantasy sports.  It was entertainment, basically harmless, and made the games more fun. Ever bet a measly $10 on a game? Makes it more interesting right?

I’ve been in this league almost 20 years, dare I say maybe more?  Yes, before fantasy sports were played by EVERYONE.  Back before the internet!  Back when scores were sent out via FAX to the 14 guys eagerly waited to see ‘how they did’.

I should have stopped everything at that moment and started a ‘Fantasy Sports Website’. I’d be… well, probably fat and rich and not organic…. you get my point.

So why the change?

First off, I need more time.  I need to write more, read more, blog more, and be even MORE involved in this Food Revolution.  So, even if I’m ONLY spending 30 minutes a week noodling at the computer in fantasy-land, well, that’s 2 hours a MONTH, and I need that time.  Not to mention family time, and wife time (also very important).

Secondly, our ‘Sports Stars’ seem to going off the rails.  Murder.  Rape.  DUI’s.  Spouse Abuse.  Road Rage. Bullying.  It’s just gross.  I know, if I were 22 and a millionaire I may do some dumb things, but I bet I wouldn’t kill someone, or punch my wife in the face.  I feel like supporting this business, other than casually, just supports the behavior.

Look at The Super Bowl.  It used to be for fans.  Now it’s marketed like a holiday.  A holiday!!  It’s for everybody.  You can’t escape it!!  It’s now an event for the fat to get fatter and the drunk to get drunker.  Like March Madness, it’s become a thing that your grandmother now gets into.  Oklahoma State just blew my bracket. Shut it Grannie, you don’t even know what you mean!

Same with fantasty sports.  It’s become like tattoo’s, NOT having one is more radical than some screaming eagle wrapped in a flag eating a python on a motorcycle on your arm (or ass).

I didn’t say I wouldn’t watch sports ever again.  I enjoyed the heck out of the Stanley Cup playoffs (Ranger fan), and the World Cup.  I grew up playing and watching sports so I get it. Rah! Rah! Fun.  I will go back to watching sports, not obsessing over stats and apps.

Talking with someone recently, I asked about them, what they like/do etc., and watching the Red Sox was one of the answers.  Ahhhh, good ole television, a new character trait!

When I grew up there weren’t’ Sports Channels’.  You saw maybe a football game, or a baseball game during the week.  Like, one.  And highlight shows were non-existent.  Now it’s just a constant barrage of sports.  All the time.  Every sport.  Every season.  Over and over again.  It’s become one giant highlight, one giant distraction.

Sports talk radio is entertainment, I get it, but it’s also the biggest waste of time on Earth.  Who.  Cares?  I feel like I gain 5 lbs if I just tune in for 5 minutes.  The hosts sound like they’re chocking on their cheeks. Good gig I’m sure.  Who.  Cares?

Years ago, when this fantasy thing was young, a friend asked me to join him for a weekend away, some party/bbq.  I declined because my fantasy draft was that weekend.  He couldn’t believe it.  He was like “dude, there’s gonna be food, and drink… and girls!!”.  Nope.  Not for me!  I’m booked already, sitting with 13 other dudes in a circle calling out football players…. for 6 hours.  Jesus, can I go back in time to that reality choice?

So I’m done with fantasy, it’s time for more reality.  I’ll turn on The NY Giants this season like I always do, about 1 minute before kickoff, cause I can’t listen to the hyperbole of seven guys sitting around a table in gawdy suits (why not sweat suits?) yelling at me.  I will enjoy the game (hopefully), then shut it off.  It won’t consume every waking moment of my Sunday, and Monday, and Tuesday….

Yes, I’ll miss some laughs and ribbing and all that, but I’ll gain some actual real things.

Hi, I’m The Green Dad, and I no longer play Fantasy Football.

Hi Dad!



P.S.- Maybe I’ll start a ‘Reality League’, and guys will get points for spending more time with the family.


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