The Green Dad’s ‘Bookie’ Theory

07 Apr
Stop gambling on a 'side'

Stop gambling on a ‘side’

Gambling On Our Future, What Are The Odds?

I’ve been away from the blogosphere for a while, it happens. The daily battle of “I Need To Say This!” VS. “Is anyone reading ANYTHING anymore?” usually ends with me logging off and doing something tangible with my time. Cooking. Filmmaking. Working. Reading. Yard work. (shoveling!). Kid stuff. Etc.

But I’ve cracked the code and need to let the world know (or at least the handful of you).

I will call this “The Green Dad’s Bookie Theory”.

How does a bookie make money?  Now you don’t need to be Tony Soprano or a weekly visitor to Mohegan Sun or Vegas to get this, so bear with me.  A bookie makes money on EVERY bet he takes in (the ‘odds’).  So, the goal would be to get even action, or as close to 50% of the bets on one side (The Patriots) as the other (The Seahawks), so you always win.  Yes, sometimes said bookie will make BIG MONEY on an upset of some sort, but he’ll also LOSE HIS SHIRT (or more) with the same uneven odds.

So the 50-50 split is best.  That’s solid business.

What does this have to do with anything Green Dad?  You’re losing me.  I just got pinged by my online dating service, speed this up!

OK.  Right now it seems like the “Left” and “Right” are about 50-50 split.  On TV.  In the city.  In the country.  East. West. Rich. Poor.  And look at the elections, no landslides for President, very close.  Each side never believes it’s THAT CLOSE.  Every 4-8 years things swing Left or Right, but it’s never enough to make the split uneven, like 80-20. If George Bush had 4 more years there may have been a Revolution, but alas, the other side brought on their savior, much better for the 50-50 split.  Status Quo for banks, war, etc.  All good.  A different talking head, same agenda, just presented differently.

Well, the bookies, aka THE CORPORATIONS that really run things, love it.  They want a 50-50 split because then they will always win.  They will only lose if one side gains control.  If one side (doesn’t matter which) gains control there will be change! Can’t have change, no way.  The rich are getting richer and have been through both sides turns in the White House.  Yup.  Your guy.  My guy.  The next lady or dude.  All part of the 50-50 split.  Keep it even, make $$ no matter what.

So, get in the Middle.  You may find, by actually talking to people and not shouting at facebook memes, that we have the same goals! I’m talking about real people, not PEOPLE ON TV.  Shut that f*cking thing off, especially NOW, with ‘election’ coverage coming.  All built to make sides, not a care for who wins.  Sponsors will win in 2016!!

My local organic farmer has more credibility than Wolf Blitzer, Rachel Maddow, or Rush Limbaugh.  Those people just are part of the machine that keeps you, me, US, on a side.  Being on a side is good for business, but not our business.

The bookies are running the show.

You may find out that in the middle, that you may actually AGREE with some of the things a person you don’t really like thinks.  You may disagree with something a person you like thinks. Amazing!  I don’t agree with everything my WIFE thinks, so why should I be surprised that other people I like/respect think differently about some topics?  I was quite surprised to see someone I used to LOATHE siding with me on a topic.  Wow.  Doesn’t mean they’ll get my vote/readership/support, but it was a learning moment.  It’s called life baby.

Your side may be telling you to like/dislike someone 100%, because that’s what our side does.  Sometimes that may line up with your thinking, but more often than not, here in the middle you can actually disagree and still hang out with people.  You can say “I disagree with you on that, but I LOVE your take on blah blah blah…” Like family at the holidays!  Just cause ‘Uncle Joe’ can be a pain in the arse doesn’t mean you make him eat in the garage and refuse to talk to him. It’s family, and you have to work together.  You find the middle.

Many people want to live greener, but they’re told by their side that it’s NOT MANLY, or NOT COOL, or not what we do. That’s just said to drive the sales of oil, plastic, and GMOs, which happens to be very good for business. Good for Corporation.

Remember the brilliant gambling campaign ‘you can’t win if you don’t play’… well, you can’t lose either. Drop your side. Find the middle.  I’ll meet you there with open ears and we’ll get some things done.

I’ll bet on us.

PS- If you read this PLEASE like it so I know I’m not talking to myself! (huh? Who said that?)




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