Go Green In ’14

02 Jan
Happy New Ye....yawn

Happy New Ye….yawn


When ’13 started I was back in my ‘old world’, of working full time in radio.  I had no illusions that this .com was a ‘thin ice’ deal, but the deal was indeed good and I’d been freelancing from home for years, so I thought it was time to take the ‘real job’.


After a few months I was truly enjoying the job, but one thing was hurting… my ‘green commitment’.  I’d been living greener for years, and really getting involved with writing about it for a food website , and our fantastic local food magazine, broadcasting my ‘Sustainable Thinking’ radio feature, as well as reading, researching, and continuing my efforts at home to live a more organic/sustainable lifestyle.


Living in a small cow town south of the city, but needing to be ‘on the air’ at 9am in Boston, required me to be up and out and in traffic early.  Rush HOUR?  In Boston the rush ‘hour’ is more like; 5:30-9 and then 3-6:30. And I’m not kidding.


My ‘rush hour’ at home for years was 645a-745a, basically the hour it took to get the kids out the door for school, then the world was my oyster.  My green world.


I missed the quality time I had gotten used to, meeting like minded people, sharing ideas, and feeling GOOD about things.  I felt, since I’d gone green, a new swagger, a healthier ME, and not just physically, but MENTALLY.


Feeling low?  Get involved.  Make some change. Not political poster ‘change’, but actual change.  I felt like my writing and my attitude toward making things better was going over well.  I was reborn.


Then the stupid job. Truth be told, worrying about ‘the sponsor’ again made me like a bit of a whore.  And lord knows the big buck corporations that spend massive ad$ aren’t always green (I’m being nice).


But alas, I have bills like anybody else, so I went there.  It was 90% a creative job.  But I told myself ‘if this falls apart, I’m gonna start a green business, and share this positive feeling’.


Soooo, when the company folded from top to bottom, with myself and few friends and co-workers on assignment in Texas, I didn’t get too down. Yeah it sucked, but I had two days off in Austin with suddenly nothing to do but drink and watch bands, AND I already had my plan in place…. Start the ‘Green Business’.


So that’s where The Green Dad came from.  Everything from the name to the logo to these blogs, came rushing out since March of ‘13.  It’s an idea, a vision, a business, but more than anything another challenge.  AND, I want to share this feeling of GOOD I’ve felt since going green.  Sharing is caring (awe shucks!).


Anything worth doing should scare the hell out of you, and this green thing is the same. Yikes. Can I do this? Can I make money? Can I make a little money and keep doing the other things I’ve been doing?  Will people care?


I guess we’ll see.  Maybe 2014 is the year the ‘Green Dad’ goes viral.  Maybe it’s ’15. Or never.  But one thing is for sure, I’m getting up most days doing what I want.  It can be done.  You may need to reframe what’s important to you, reinvent yourself, become that person you daydream you are.  Yes that can be a big task , but aren’t we smart/strong/ free people? (that’s what those truck commercials seem to tell me)


If a big SUV, big house, and endless TV shows are the ‘good life’, you may need more work than others, but if you’re looking for a fresh start and a way to feel better, then Go Green!


I did.  And I can help you too (there’s the only sales pitch, but I need to that every now and then).  It helps everybody else too, which would fall under ‘saving the world’.


I’ve met so many amazing people since last Spring, I can’t wait to start this year (after this storm, the rest of those xmas cookies, and that smidge of scotch)!


Make a plan, start slow, and you’ll feel GREAT come ’15.