Go Green In ’14

  When ’13 started I was back in my ‘old world’, of working full time in radio.  I had no illusions that this .com was a ‘thin ice’ deal, but the deal was indeed good and I’d been freelancing from home for years, so I thought it was time to take the ‘real job’.   […]

Guest Speaking

Are you looking for an expert on sustainable living? On “how to go green”? Look no further. The Green Dad has spoken to numerous groups and organizations as well as made media appearances all to share his knowledge of how to make you and your family’s lives a little bit greener. Give the Green Dad […]

Green Dad Plan

A FULL walkthrough of your home, from small stuff like light bulbs to bigger stuff like the food you eat and the cleaning products you use. I’ll provide complete guidelines for projects you’ve been wanting to undertake such as composting, recycling, your lawn and fertilization, how you live, work, and play. All these areas — […]

Home Consultation

What are the benefits TO YOU of a greener and more sustainable lifestyle? We’ll talk about your life, how you live and eat, how you work, what the family likes to do, and create a PERSONAL GREEN PLAN for you. Everybody’s unique, people live differently, and some things might be more important to you than […]