Earth Day = People

18 Apr
Author and one of his 13 'ladies'.

Author and one of his 13 ‘ladies’.


Earth Day = People.  And people, the good ones, will help your environment.

I haven’t even been The Green Dad for even a year yet, but I’ve learned so many things.  With Earth Day approaching Tuesday, I’ll take a moment to reflect on some of them.

My journey into the ‘Green World’ has led me to meet so many good people.  People with big hearts proudly worn on their sleeves.  Farmers.  Moms.  Artists.  Activists.  Real people, not interested too much in pop culture or the latest TV show.  Not that those are bad things, but the connection these people have to every day life, the little things, the simple pleasures, has inspired me.

My local organic farmer has always stopped to give my kids a ride in his big tractor.  How much is that worth?  When you’re trying your best to teach your children about local food and the value of community, it’s truly priceless.  There are so many things out there that have nothing to do with money.  That tractor ride is cooler than any ride in a Porshe or Mercedes will ever be.

I’ve met high school kids who seem to have been cut from the same mold as old timey farmers.  The ‘kids’ really get it.  We teach them about ‘recycling’ and things like that when they are young, but often they fall into the same consumer traps we have fallen into.  Actually, we’ve set the traps for them.  But if we teach them correctly, and I mean really teach them by EXAMPLE, these kids have the best chance at turning our world around.

Yes I’ve seen the ‘stupid teeneager’ posts on facebook, the ones that make us think the future is doomed because some clod doesn’t know the difference between ‘Austria and Australia’, but I’ve spoken to more young kids who ‘get it’, and haven’t built adult bad habits yet, that make me confident for the future.

I’ve met housewives, soccer moms, and professional women who all care about their kids first.  They may look different, act different, and live in different neighborhoods, but they are actually the SAME people with the same goals.  We need to get these like minded people together more for conversation, and pull them away from their cell phones.

It’s all about the people.  I think it always has been, the TV just wants us to think it’s about STATUS and THINGS.

I’ve been to farmers markets, country fairs, organic farms, and locavore meetings, always finding the same big hearted people, ready to teach, learn, or just share. Ask someone about their chickens or bees, then sit back and enjoy the tales.  I’ve made more than connections, I’ve CONNECTED.

I’ve worked in the rock and roll/entertainment business for years, and while I’ve met my dearest friends in the biz, the overall climate can sometimes be shallow, with some people running rough shod over other people to ‘make it’ or to advance the precious career.  Connections can be lost real fast once a job changes or is lost. Who? Oh, they can’t help me anymore, send them to voicemail.

In the organic world, people are rushing to HELP one another, support each other, thrive with us, and prop up the whole damn world!  That’s a pretty infectious thing to be around.  No games, no bullshit.  And the food is better!

In the awesome Italian film ‘The Great Beauty’, nominated for an Oscar this past year, the main character says, “at the age of 65 I have realized, I no longer am interested in spending time doing anything I don’t wish to do”.

The same can be said for people.  I’d like to spend more time with the good ones.  We all need a good dose of positive people around us, to help us, prop us up, and motivate us.  The ‘greenies’ have really lifted me up. They are creative and funny.  I wish to surround myself with more positive people, forward thinking people, true friends and family, and if the others fade away, so be it.  Life is too short.  It’s time to make a difference.  Thanks for taking this ride with me.

Happy People!  Happy Earth Day!


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  1. ellie donovan April 24, 2014 at 6:34 pm #

    Hello Mike, I got your message requesting a composting display and I regret to inform you that a teacher reserved the display back in February for the entire week. If possible please request the display well in advance so that I may reserve it for you. Thanks.

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