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The Green Dad’s ‘Bookie’ Theory

07 Apr

Gambling On Our Future, What Are The Odds? I’ve been away from the blogosphere for a while, it happens. The daily battle of “I Need To Say This!” VS. “Is anyone reading ANYTHING anymore?” usually ends with me logging off and doing something tangible with my time. Cooking. Filmmaking. Working. Reading. Yard work. (shoveling!). Kid […]

Beware The Time Suckage!

26 Sep

  I remember a simpler time, when I got up before dawn to milk the cows… wait, that wasn’t me. I remember a simpler time, when we rode our horses into town… no wait, not me either. I remember a simpler time, when I got emails and actually READ THEM! Yes, that’s me! Alright, I […]

Prius Voted Sexiest Car Of The Year!

25 Feb

We tallied one vote here at Green Dad HQ, yup, and the Toyota Prius has won ‘Sexiest Car Of The Year’ for yet another year (cue the confetti cannons)! My Prius just turned 200,000 miles and I’ve got to say, what the ride lacks in sassiness, it makes up for in all other areas.  I’ve […]