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15 for ’15

05 Jan

  Hello!  Did you miss me?  I stepped away from the blogosphere at the end of ’14, a purposeful disconnection will the many ‘screens’ in my life.  What did I learn from it? Well… I survived! Yes, I blog therefor I… um, blog… so I need the technology to get my message out and to […]

Let’s Talk About Food Bay-Bee

16 Oct

  Remember that Salt n Pepa song “Let’s Talk About Food bay-bee, let’s talk about you n me, let’s talk about all the good things and the bad things that may be”.  Wait, maybe I’m confusing that with something else? The point of the song was to start a dialogue about sex, because no matter […]

I Bet You Won’t Get Ebola

10 Oct

  “Hell is empty, and all the devil’s are here” – Shakespeare He also said “Thou shan’t get Ebola, but beware the GMOs”.  OK, I made that up. But the numbers are in your favor for not getting a tragic virus.  Swine Flu?  The flu?  Same deal.  I’m no scientist (duh), but here’s what I […]

Rooting For Our Lives

30 Sep

  I’m a recovering sports fan.  Yes, I still watch the occasional game, but find myself cooking, writing, tweeting, posting… doing SOMETHING, while the game is on.  I can’t help it anymore.  I feel a pull toward other things, even if it’s laundry.  Remember that great random football game back in 2007?  No, me neither […]

Money and Fame do NOT equal Happiness

12 Aug

  I won’t bore you with my memories of ‘Mork From Ork’ guest starring on ‘Happy Days’ when I was a kid, or my appreciation of Robin Williams as an actor/comedian.  I don’t think anyone anywhere would comment ‘that guy sucked!’ when it came to his craft. My point will be simple: Together Money and […]

Eating Organically on Vacation

06 Jul

  While eating a primarily organic/GMO free diet can be tricky in real life, the feat can be quite taxing in the non-reality of family vacation. My kids already know our 10% rule, which states we’re going to have to eat roughly 10% GMO food attending social functions, aka; leaving the house. No mater how […]

No News = Good News

16 Jun

“There are many things of which a wise man might wish to be ignorant” – Ralph Waldo Emerson I haven’t watched TV news or read a paper since mid-2009.  Oh sure, I’ve stumbled into some ‘news’ during halftime of a football game, have read some odd stories while crumpling up newspaper to start a Winter […]

C’mon Dad, We Need You!

11 Jun

Dads do many things.  Many, many things. Dad is a worker.  Dad can be a teacher, a philosopher, or just the guy who cuts the grass.  Dad can be a friend, a confidant, lover, or the enforcer.  Dad can be loving, kind, or perhaps not so much.  Dad is often the breadwinner.  The term ‘dad’ […]