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C’mon Dad, We Need You!

11 Jun

Dads do many things.  Many, many things. Dad is a worker.  Dad can be a teacher, a philosopher, or just the guy who cuts the grass.  Dad can be a friend, a confidant, lover, or the enforcer.  Dad can be loving, kind, or perhaps not so much.  Dad is often the breadwinner.  The term ‘dad’ […]

Game of Jones

06 May

  Nothing signifies ‘Keeping Up With The Joneses’ like Springtime and lawn care.  Suddenly, sleepy little cul-de-sac’s filled with McMansions start the silent battle to have the perfect yard.  Vast amounts of water will be wasted to feed them, and epic levels of toxic chemicals will be dumped on these grasses, but fear not, because […]

Earth Day = People

18 Apr

  Earth Day = People.  And people, the good ones, will help your environment. I haven’t even been The Green Dad for even a year yet, but I’ve learned so many things.  With Earth Day approaching Tuesday, I’ll take a moment to reflect on some of them. My journey into the ‘Green World’ has led […]

Boycott Coke Anyway

06 Feb

  There was a bunch of jib jab flying around the airwaves and the interwebs this week about the ‘Coke Super Bowl Ad’.  I’ll figure you know what the ‘problem’ was, and how it seems people have become so detached here in the USA that they’ve forgotten we are a land of immigrants, a true […]

I’m With McStupid

29 Jan

Feeling better because you had the salad at McRonald’s today?   Don’t.   Your money is still going to the corporate devil.   But it’s a salad!   Here’s a scenario of your ‘better’ choice:  The ‘greens’ are drenched with pesticides, the tomatoes may have been infused with fish genes to preserve freshness, the croutons […]