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Kids Need To Play

03 Oct

  I just read a study that reports that the ‘more after school activities a child is involved in, the MORE LIKELY they will be to get everything they ever want in life, and their parents will die 100% happy knowing they were just the bestest parents in the world!’   OK, I made that […]

Curse You iphone!

17 Sep

  I’m tired of the marketing.  I’m tired of the distractions.   It’s hard for me to listen to ‘sports radio’ for too long, because I can feel myself getting fatter.  The hosts sound one donut away from exploding, and the callers not much better.  While sometimes entertaining, the opinions of these mooks just… don’t… […]

Be a Food Jedi!

04 Sep

You are what you eat.  We’ve heard that one since we wore feetie jammies.  Today it’s more true than ever.  It’s the food silly, always has been.  Or should I say, it’s the silly food. We all have the power, you and me, to feel better and be healthier with better food choices.  So easy.  […]

Back to School: Green Style

20 Aug

Back to school is right around the bend* and parents from coast to coast are saying two things: Where did the summer go? Hooray!! *(This is for New England at least … for much of the country, the school year has just begun.) It’s not that we don’t like our kids being home, and it’s […]