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22 Oct

  I have to keep reminding myself that not everyone knows what GMOs are and what Monsanto is doing to the food supply.  Even the people who are hip to what’s happening don’t always understand that it affects MOST OF THE FOOD they purchase.   Yes CHEERIOS are GMO.  GOLDFISH are GMO.  Most ICE CREAM […]

Be a Food Jedi!

04 Sep

You are what you eat.  We’ve heard that one since we wore feetie jammies.  Today it’s more true than ever.  It’s the food silly, always has been.  Or should I say, it’s the silly food. We all have the power, you and me, to feel better and be healthier with better food choices.  So easy.  […]

The GMO Scorecard

06 Jun

I’m a major proponent against GMOs. That’s Genetically Modified Organisms if you didn’t know, but you can also call it Frankenfood if you want. Throughout the European Union and other parts of the world, it’s required to label foods that are made using GMOs. But in this country? Nope. The politicians are in the pockets […]