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Rooting For Our Lives

30 Sep

  I’m a recovering sports fan.  Yes, I still watch the occasional game, but find myself cooking, writing, tweeting, posting… doing SOMETHING, while the game is on.  I can’t help it anymore.  I feel a pull toward other things, even if it’s laundry.  Remember that great random football game back in 2007?  No, me neither […]

Less Fantasy, More Reality

29 Jul

  I just did something unthinkable.  Shocking to the core! I ate at McDonalds?  No, not THAT unthinkable.  Bought stock in Monsanto?  Not quite that shocking. I quit my Fantasy Football league. Oh. My. GAWD!!! Funny how these little things, these little habits, start to shape us, frame us, start to make us who we […]