Beware The Time Suckage!

26 Sep
My own private distraction center

My own private distraction center


I remember a simpler time, when I got up before dawn to milk the cows… wait, that wasn’t me.

I remember a simpler time, when we rode our horses into town… no wait, not me either.

I remember a simpler time, when I got emails and actually READ THEM! Yes, that’s me!

Alright, I do read emails regarding business, and most from family and friends, but I have to say most others are being ignored or deleted.  Or even worse, LOST because I’ve scrolled up too far.

Is anybody reading email anymore?  I mean, beyond the subject line?

My wife and I had this discussion after she sent 3 rounds of emails to customers, basically saying the same thing, and still finding people; 1) asking a question that was clearly answered in the email, or 2) STILL not getting the information.

I asked, “Why don’t we try snail mail again?  I guarantee people aren’t getting 80 pieces of snail mail a day to go through”.  And that’s what we’re going to do!  Dial back the technology to a reasonable, workable level.

Are we reading entire blogs?  To the end?  Are we reading Tweets or just following people?

And therein lies the problem.  We have email, but now it’s becoming so cumbersome we can’t make it work properly.  We follow 1,657 people on Twitter, but how could we EVER keep up with these people, regardless of how awesome they may be? We have Facebook, yet we ‘like’ things without actually reading them, and spend more time watching cat videos than engaging in real life.

Are we communicating?

I for one need to work smarter, not harder.  I need to manage my time better and not get caught just looking at stuff.  But it’s hard.  There’s always another distraction just a click away, or a really good blog I can’t wait to read once I close 2 pop-up ads… oh wait, nevermind, spinning wheel… now I have to reboot.  What was I supposed to be doing?

Am I watching Netflix or just rearranging the films I hope to see someday?

I love technology.  I love the internet.  I also love ice cream and whiskey, and if I don’t watch out I’ll be twenty pounds heavier and not even remember how I got there.

The time suckages are everywhere.  We all need to avoid them to get to the meat of what we need to do.  Working from home can be a deterrent, just ask any blogger.  All the comforts of home are there cause, well, it’s HOME!  The fridge, the mobile phone, the TV, the tunes, the coffee, the muffin, the…. Haha, just as I’m writing this my wife texted me from upstairs to tell me when our daughters Dr’s appointment is later today!!  Oh silly technology!!  See what I mean?

Yes, I’m more connected to my world because of the internet.  I can’t imagine a world where I turn on the news and just accept what I’m being told from one corporate source.  I’ve made so many friends in the Green/Sustainable/Organic community that I’d never have just run into in the old world.  I get it.  But logging in should be tuning in, not out.

We need a combination of ways, the old and the new.  We need the flash of the technology and the warmth of slowing down and having one conversation at a time.  Yes… slowing down the data stream.

I recently interviewed Janisse Ray, author of ‘The Seed Underground’, a wonderful tale of seed saving, and asked why it’s so important for us too come together, in person, and talk face to face, and get away from the computer; “When people with vision are in the same room, the momentum is palpable and incredibly inspiring. We’re all able to return to our places filled with new ideas and eager to go on” she told me.

That’s better than a cat video or Batman meme.

Now excuse me, I need to post this so no one can read it.

See you at ShiftCon in LA!

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