I Bet You Won’t Get Ebola

10 Oct
Plenty of things out there can stick you in the ground before your time, and many are products you are buying!

Plenty of things out there can stick you in the ground before your time, and many are products we are buying and consuming right now!


“Hell is empty, and all the devil’s are here” – Shakespeare

He also said “Thou shan’t get Ebola, but beware the GMOs”.  OK, I made that up.

But the numbers are in your favor for not getting a tragic virus.  Swine Flu?  The flu?  Same deal.  I’m no scientist (duh), but here’s what I know: Deadly Toxins are already in your food, in your home, and all around you.  They are hurting you and your family right now.  The ‘NEWS’ channels aren’t talking about these constant threats because the biggest sponsors of TV MAKE these chemical cocktails.

Synthetic colors in soaps.  Dibutyl phthalate in nail polish.  Pesticides on your food.  Herbicides in your garden.  Roundup on your lawn and IN your food.  Poison in your cleaning and feminine products.  Parabens, endocrine disruptors, and formaldehyde in makeup.  Benzophenone in that sunscreen.  And of course, Genetically Modified Foods (GMOs) making up over 80% of the ENTIRE US food supply.

The devil is indeed here.  Already.

If people are threatened by a handful of people sneaking over the border with a disease, PLEASE tell me these same people also understand the pain and suffering big chemical companies have served us right here on American soil.  AKA Cancer.  But sadly probably not, because that would mean WE would have to take some of the blame.  We’d have to stop eating bacon flavored potato chips.

Much easier to blame somebody else, it’s not OUR fault, it’s some stupid person with Ebola’s fault.  THEY are causing all the pain!  Africa!  China!  It’s always somebody else’s fault.

Well, more people will probably be affected by Autism, ADHD, Allergies, and Asthma before Ebola.

Check this out, according to analysis in the Journal of the American Medical Association, 100,000 people die each year from “largely preventable adverse reactions to drugs that should not have been prescribed as they were in the first place.”

100,000 dead EACH YEAR from eating the wrong drugs!  Seems like a newsworthy bombshell no?  Where’s the outrage there?  Well you see, we can’t have you FEARING prescription drugs!  That would be bad for business.  We need you to FEAR, and then buy the cure.  Much more profitable.

So when the TV tells you how scary Ebola is, and to be very very afraid, consider ALL the things around you that may get you first.  They are everywhere.  Yes I understand, for many Ebola is scary, and real, and they will get it and die.  But while that’s happening the American Chemical Cocktail is being served, in our homes and on our plates, in servings larger than ever.

But, there’s a cure, and WE control it.  Stop buying this stuff!  Without a consumer base these products don’t exist!  Read labels, research, ask questions, and boycott products that aren’t healthy.  Get educated about what you are rolling on, dabbing on, smearing, wiping, brushing, and inserting into your body.   Go Organic!  That’s what’s going to keep you healthy.  And wash your hands a lot.

Yes people will get Ebola.  I bet it won’t be you.




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