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The Green Dad’s ‘Bookie’ Theory

07 Apr

Gambling On Our Future, What Are The Odds? I’ve been away from the blogosphere for a while, it happens. The daily battle of “I Need To Say This!” VS. “Is anyone reading ANYTHING anymore?” usually ends with me logging off and doing something tangible with my time. Cooking. Filmmaking. Working. Reading. Yard work. (shoveling!). Kid […]

15 for ’15

05 Jan

  Hello!  Did you miss me?  I stepped away from the blogosphere at the end of ’14, a purposeful disconnection will the many ‘screens’ in my life.  What did I learn from it? Well… I survived! Yes, I blog therefor I… um, blog… so I need the technology to get my message out and to […]

Let’s Talk About Food Bay-Bee

16 Oct

  Remember that Salt n Pepa song “Let’s Talk About Food bay-bee, let’s talk about you n me, let’s talk about all the good things and the bad things that may be”.  Wait, maybe I’m confusing that with something else? The point of the song was to start a dialogue about sex, because no matter […]

I Bet You Won’t Get Ebola

10 Oct

  “Hell is empty, and all the devil’s are here” – Shakespeare He also said “Thou shan’t get Ebola, but beware the GMOs”.  OK, I made that up. But the numbers are in your favor for not getting a tragic virus.  Swine Flu?  The flu?  Same deal.  I’m no scientist (duh), but here’s what I […]

Shifting DAD Into Gear

01 Oct

  In my travels consulting people on living a more Sustainable/Green lifestyle, I spend quite a bit of time talking about getting that spouse/mate on board with the cause. Funny how those closest to us are sometimes the furthest away when it comes to getting involved.  If that’s how it is in your home/life, here […]

Rooting For Our Lives

30 Sep

  I’m a recovering sports fan.  Yes, I still watch the occasional game, but find myself cooking, writing, tweeting, posting… doing SOMETHING, while the game is on.  I can’t help it anymore.  I feel a pull toward other things, even if it’s laundry.  Remember that great random football game back in 2007?  No, me neither […]

Beware The Time Suckage!

26 Sep

  I remember a simpler time, when I got up before dawn to milk the cows… wait, that wasn’t me. I remember a simpler time, when we rode our horses into town… no wait, not me either. I remember a simpler time, when I got emails and actually READ THEM! Yes, that’s me! Alright, I […]

Money and Fame do NOT equal Happiness

12 Aug

  I won’t bore you with my memories of ‘Mork From Ork’ guest starring on ‘Happy Days’ when I was a kid, or my appreciation of Robin Williams as an actor/comedian.  I don’t think anyone anywhere would comment ‘that guy sucked!’ when it came to his craft. My point will be simple: Together Money and […]

Less Fantasy, More Reality

29 Jul

  I just did something unthinkable.  Shocking to the core! I ate at McDonalds?  No, not THAT unthinkable.  Bought stock in Monsanto?  Not quite that shocking. I quit my Fantasy Football league. Oh. My. GAWD!!! Funny how these little things, these little habits, start to shape us, frame us, start to make us who we […]

Eating Organically on Vacation

06 Jul

  While eating a primarily organic/GMO free diet can be tricky in real life, the feat can be quite taxing in the non-reality of family vacation. My kids already know our 10% rule, which states we’re going to have to eat roughly 10% GMO food attending social functions, aka; leaving the house. No mater how […]