Why This Dad Went Green

The other day I got up, after some pushing back and forth with my wife mumbling, “Your turn … No your turn … I did yesterday … No I did yesterday!”

It was my turn and I made my kids their lunch for school. Organic PB&J, organic yogurt, homemade organic cookies, organic fruit. I wrapped the sandwiches and cookies in reusable Snack Taxi bags that will come home with them, and instructed the kids, as always, to “bring home the yogurt containers … I’ll recycle them here.” Yes, Dad. We know, duh!

After the tots were off to school, I sat down and blogged. For Go Green Web Directory, I wrote about green sunscreen and bug spray choices for summertime.

For True Food Movement, I wrote about why labeling GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) is so important for our food system and to anyone who EATS.

I then fed and watered our chickens and called my neighbor to check on the new birds we’re expecting. “This week, Mike! Be ready!” I was told. 12 new chickens in the hen house soon!

When the ‘ladies’ were tended to, I made a cup of organic green tea (with honey from a friend’s hive) and worked on this very The Green Dad website. I checked my favorite blogs and groups for new tips or witty writing and loaded up some new pictures.

Before my wife went to work she instructed me in the garden as to where the (organic) potatoes were being planted and how deep to dig the holes. Every time the shovel hit the dirt I pictured the Yukon Golds coming out of the ground and being married with the fresh eggs from our chickens. (Breakfast? Are you feelin’ it?)

After a light lunch (leftover homemade pasta), I got a bike ride in before the kids came home from school.

Funny, cause I literally thought to myself while peddling, “Jeez, I guess I AM green.”

I’m Mike Gioscia, aka The Green Dad.

I’m not just regurgitating “green tips” off other websites … I’m living it. But this didn’t happen overnight. And the fact that it happened at all to me is even kookier.

I’ve spent much of my adult life in the rock-and-roll business as a DJ … both as a radio guy (WFNX, WXRV) and a nightclub jock (too many to name … all of them basically). Paired with playing in a band (drums) and working on the side as a filmmaker (music videos on MTV and Fuse, etc.), let’s just say I wasn’t really green. At all.

So the first lesson here is: If I can do it, YOU can do it.

I always had a hand in doing the right thing … supporting Greenpeace, Rock the Vote, producing an annual World Aids Day Radiothon, etc. …  but I wasn’t living it.

Then the Dad part came into the picture. Now, some new dads had younger siblings they took care of or babysat. Not me.

Some dads were in charge of nephews or cousins, at least for a day at an amusement park or something. Not me.

This Dad Thing was totally new … and a shock to the system! It was also the best thing EVER!

Suddenly my wife and I transformed into these parent people. But not the ones who tell you what to do … the ones who look at their lifestyles and go “Uh oh… We need to make some tweaks here.”

And so the “green up” began.

Lesson two: Small steps lead to bigger ones.

My “usual day” is far greener than it was two years ago … four years ago … and so on. Don’t feel the pressure to green up all at once! It will be overwhelming to you and everybody around you. Start somewhere, and build from there.

If you decide to start running, you don’t do a half-marathon your first day. You ease into it.

The Green Dad is all about tailoring a program specific to your life, because we’re all different. Once I get an idea of how you live, and how you spend your time, it’s easier for me — and us together — to make a plan for you.

Some people can exercise on their own … and some people need a personal trainer to create the right workout that gets results. Same idea with The Green Dad (minus the crunches).

There are many areas to focus on and better food choices are a HUGE part of going green.

I’m not trying to make anybody a vegetarian or vegan … we can ALL make healthier food choices. I’m not a nutritionist, but neither is your doctor! My wife (vegetarian) and I (omnivore) eat organic ice cream or homemade treats (whoopie pies, cookies, cake) every day … and we don’t diet or count calories!! And yes … drinking local BEER counts!

Wait a minute! Did you say whoopie pies and beer? I LOVE this “green up” thing!

If you’ve read this far, you must be into greening up, so have a look around the website and see if The Green Dad can help you.

At this point in my life I want to spend time doing things that are worthwhile to ME. And unless you require a DJ at your house, or a drummer in your basement, The Green Dad is how I can help.

Whether we do business together or not, best of luck on your “green up.” It’s worth so much more than you realize.


Mike, aka The Green Dad