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05 Jan
A highlight of 2104, hanging with super farmer Joel Salatin.

A highlight of 2104, hanging with super farmer Joel Salatin.


Hello!  Did you miss me?  I stepped away from the blogosphere at the end of ’14, a purposeful disconnection will the many ‘screens’ in my life.  What did I learn from it? Well… I survived!

Yes, I blog therefor I… um, blog… so I need the technology to get my message out and to be heard, but alas, the world has managed to communicate without me, and I without the world.

The New Year is always a chance (or good excuse) to start over, to self analyze, to make some change in life.  It’s time to pickup your personal snow globe and give it a shake.

Here are 15 thoughts/needs for ’15.

1. I need to disconnect from my devices more often.  I need to read more.  Not scan blogs, not like posts without reading them… but actually read.  Deepak Chopra, Catherine Ingram, Wendell Berry, Janisse Ray, Korten, Gatto, Camus, the list goes on (like my Netflix cue).  Sitting and reading, as opposed to sitting and scrolling does my mind much better.

2. Ebola won’t get me.  ‘Isis’ won’t get me.  But my food choices might, so I will continue my non-GMO/organic path.  Nothing like the holidays, and all the food other people eat, to show me how much more work is needed to get the word out there about real food.  My son got his first ever case of contact dermatitis after eating a chocolate Santa.  My bad.  Sometimes Scrooge is spot on, I should have chucked it in the trash.

3. Hoping your friends and family follow you on your path isn’t always easy.  Sometimes it’s easier to hang out with new friends who get it.

4. TV is crap.  Yes, there are plenty of good shows, I get it, I’m in the entertainment business after all, but the promos/commercials and ‘news’ have taken over.  If the family does sit down to watch a football game or the like, we take turns muting the commercials.  It’s fun.  And I don’t have to explain erectile dysfunction to my kids.

5. I need to reinforce to my kids that fitting in isn’t the most important thing in their young lives.  Unfortunately in our society many adults spend most of their time fitting in, with their cars, and lawns, and boats, and shoes, nails, vacations, designer bags, flashy devices, etc., so it can be hard when the addicts of fitting in are all around, and it trickles down to the kids.  I must persevere.

6. It was almost 60 degrees here in Massachusetts on Christmas day.  That’s not right.  There still isn’t any snow on the ground.  How can anybody, and I mean one person anywhere, not see climate change is a real thing?  I know we’d rather not think about it, but… hello?  Aren’t we the smart people who can do anything? Or is that just commercial BS? Wait… don’t answer that.

7. Speaking of climate change, the Earth will be just fine.  It will carry on, as it has for 4 billion years.  Yes.  4.  Billion.  Years. Plenty of change over that period of time.  The problem climate change poses is on US. Things will get critical for our species, but the Earth itself… will start anew.  That doesn’t mean it’s OK to buy a Hummer however.

8. I will really and truly start yoga this year!  And meditation!  Seems like the only world I can control is my own, so I will start with my own mind.

9. It’s hard to not eat all those tasty GMO goodies out there.  We will still try for 90% organic, but realize it’s OK to slip when we’re outside of our home

10. “Less TV, More Music” will become Less Screen Time More Music.

11. I need more time with close friends and less time with Internet friends (except YOU of course!).

12. There will be a return of Ebola, or an Isis attack, or a school shooting, right before the 2016 Elections.  Mark it on the calendar, I already have.  Let’s see if I’m right.  The distractions are everywhere and I see them better and better. Speaking of 2016 Election, I won’t watch one solitary moment of it.

13. I’m always amazed that with such a big planet, and 7 billion people on it, that our ‘news stations’ all talk about the same things!  Hmmmm.  Seems like a conspiracy to me.  Conspiracy theory?  No.  Conspiracy.  The media is in cahoots to keep us distracted from actual issues.

14. As much as I love the internet and wouldn’t have my concepts of modern society without it, it’s also becoming just too much information.  It’s endless.  I could sit here reading my green friends blogs and tweets all day.  I must self edit better.

15. Fifteen already?  Wow.  Alright, last thought; I will continue my green quest as best I can. I’m not perfect. But trying is the thing. Cheers to organic Beers in 2015!

-Green Dad


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