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The Green Dad’s ‘Bookie’ Theory

07 Apr

Gambling On Our Future, What Are The Odds? I’ve been away from the blogosphere for a while, it happens. The daily battle of “I Need To Say This!” VS. “Is anyone reading ANYTHING anymore?” usually ends with me logging off and doing something tangible with my time. Cooking. Filmmaking. Working. Reading. Yard work. (shoveling!). Kid […]

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What are the benefits TO YOU of a greener and more sustainable lifestyle? We’ll talk about your life, how you live and eat, how you work, what the family likes to do, and create a PERSONAL GREEN PLAN for you. Everybody’s unique, people live differently, and some things might be more important to you than to others. We’ll talk about a plan that makes sense for YOU and how you live. You’ll likely find you make your money back in savings in a month or two’s time based solely on my recommendations! Learn More

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A FULL walkthrough of your home, from small stuff like light bulbs to bigger stuff like the food you eat and the cleaning products you use. I’ll provide complete guidelines for projects you’ve been wanting to undertake such as composting, recycling, your lawn and fertilization, how you live, work, and play. All these areas — and more — receive a complete “greening up.” You’ll receive your very own PERSONAL plan, specific to your HOME and YOUR LIFE. Soon after, we’ll sit down again and DISSECT my recommendations … I don’t just mail you a list and say “Good luck!” We’ll talk about the report … we’ll prioritize … and together we’ll make a strategy for you to begin the Sustainable Process … because small steps lead to bigger ones! Learn More

Guest Speaking

Are you looking for an expert on sustainable living? On "how to go green"? Look no further. The Green Dad has spoken to numerous groups and organizations as well as made media appearances all to share his knowledge of how to make you and your family's lives a little bit greener. Give the Green Dad a call at 617-359-7569 for all speaking inquiries.  
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What people think of The Green Dad

"At Go Green Web Directory, we believe that making the simplest change in one’s daily behavior can make a difference in protecting the environment. Our moto is “Actions Green Louder Than Words.” There is no better way to describe Mike and his passion for the green movement ... he talks the talk and walks the walk. Mike is absolutely the right person to help any family make positive lifestyle changes that will save them time and money while protecting the environment. GoGreen is thrilled to be partnering with The Green Dad." -- Paula Keif, founder & president, Go Green Web Directory
With his common sense and unique sense of humor, Mike Gioscia has been a welcome addition to the edible South Shore editorial team. We've been impressed with his knowledge, compassion, and his ability to share his passion without judgement. Mike has practical ideas for the real-life busy family trying to live just a bit greener and healthier. -- Laurie Hepworth, publisher, edible South Shore magazine
Mike Gioscia is a man of formidable talents. The fact that he has chosen to focus them on helping satisfy people's desires to live 'greener' says a lot about him and his priorities. Anyone who works with Mike will be lucky, and will learn plenty! I know because we have worked together on the Greenscapes program for several years. -- Debbie Cook, Director, Greenscapes